Community Partnerships

Coastal Insurance Planning is proud to announce its community partnerships with Sustain Meds and Advanced Diabetes Supplies. Sustain Meds will make your prescription costs lower than what any other company can offer, and Advanced Diabetes Supply helps you get diabetes-related medical equipment in an urgent manner at a cost you can afford. By expanding our network and outreach, we are providing you with more options and easier access to higher discounts for the prescriptions and supplies you need.

Our Partnership With Sustain Meds

Sustain Meds addresses an issue that plagues seniors as health problems pile up and sap hard-earned retirement income. It’s no secret that getting medical treatments alone bears major costs. That treatment can also come with newly prescribed medications, which can have highly expensive copayments on top of the premiums you’re already paying.

You may also have problems getting your medication altogether. Issues with prior authorization will delay the process for something you cannot afford to wait for. Sustain Med fixes that issue, too.

When you get assistance from Sustain Meds, you’ll be connected with a representative who will fight to get you lower prescription costs in any way possible. Your case will be thoroughly evaluated so that you will not have to worry about burdensome prescription costs, or endure periods without the medication you need right now.

Our Partnership With Advanced Diabetes Supply

Like pharmaceutical costs in general, diabetes treatments and supplies are highly expensive. For someone with diabetes, every medication and piece of medical equipment is imperative for survival. Fortunately, Advanced Diabetes Supply helps individuals afford diabetes-related medical supplies.

Advanced Diabetes Supply has a long history of excellence that dates back to 2002. This company is known for its top-notch customer service and expedient product shipments. Over the years, it has gained the most valued accreditations out of any diabetes equipment supplier in the US. Advanced Diabetes Supply is the number one distributor of diabetes-related medical equipment in the nation.

When you begin your plan with Advanced Diabetes Supply, your supplies will be ordered and shipped to your home in an instant. The shipping is free, and there’s no need to leave your home to pick it up somewhere else, because all deliveries are directly made to you.

All transactions take place online and over the phone. You will have many quality, brand name products to choose from because Advanced Diabetes Supply only delivers the best. When you make purchases, your payments will be through a safe and secure online payment portal in which transactions can be completed in a matter of minutes.

We Are All In This Together

At Coastal Insurance Planning, we believe in getting everyone involved for the benefit of everyone. With us, you’re getting what you need to ensure a secure and comfortable income stream after you retire. We have your future in mind, and by partnering with Sustain Meds and Advanced Diabetes Supply, we’re helping you take care of urgent needs at the lowest price possible.