Sustained Meds

Rising prescription costs affect many of our customers, and it is easy to feel overwhelmed when it seems like you have no choice but to pay high costs. That’s why Coastal Insurance Planning has joined forces with Sustain Meds. We have the same goals in giving our customers peace of mind, so that they can focus on their health and enjoy retirement.

Why Sustain Meds?

Sustain Meds doesn’t just make medications cheaper – it makes them a lot cheaper. In a year, you can expect to save anywhere between $600 and $4,000 on your medications. But in some cases, you can save that amount on a monthly basis. With Sustain Meds, you have representatives on your side who will help you in getting prescriptions at the lowest cost possible. The best part? Insurance isn’t a requirement. And even with insurance, the source doesn’t have any adverse effect on your ability to save.

How Does It Work?

Getting help from Sustain Meds starts with a short online form that you can submit within minutes. You will get set up with a representative, who will handle all things related to your prescription savings on your behalf. 

Your representative will gather all relevant information about you and why you’re in need of reduced costs. He or she then presents your case and then gets you the greatest discount in any way possible. This can be through tier reductions or fixing issues with prior authorizations.

The savings are for two main yet significant types of costs – namely premiums and copays. It is not uncommon for these combined expenses to exceed $1,000 per month. It is also not uncommon for Sustain Meds to help individuals save 100% on these costs.

There are a few real life examples of this. The first example is of a person who was prescribed three medications for a monthly combined copayment cost of $1,500. His Sustain Med representative used his information to make a compelling case for why he should get a copay cost reduction. This individual saved 100% on these copayment expenses.

Another case involves someone who had been waiting for her medication. After waiting, it turned out the delay wasn’t because of the pharmacy not having the supply to fill her order. Issues with prior authorization kept her from getting the medication she needed. Luckily she sought help from Sustain Meds. A Sustain Med representative took her case and filed an appeal, and she never had delays again.

Lastly, there was an individual who got her monthly copay down from $150 to $2, because her Sustain Med representative negotiated with the pharmacy to drop her medication to a tier 1 classification.

Get Lower Prescription Costs Today!

At Coastal Insurance Planning, we work to provide you with assistance from as many sources as we can so that you will be able to live a quality life without worrying about what it will cost you. And with Sustain Meds, you’re getting help attaining quality savings because you have a professional who works on your behalf.